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AGV – Transport More with Safety (Full Coverage)

Security was a priority during the development of our Automated Guided Vehicle Systems. That is why the automated vehicles are fitted with comprehensive sensor technology that protect man, machine and load. Therefore our AGVs are also ideally suited for mixed operation.

Learn more about Automated Guided Vehicles from Jungheinrich:
두산산업차량[Doosan Forklifts] : This is really nice video, Thank you.
Dhaval Patel : Price?
Flavio Magalhaes : Disponível no Brasil?
Flavio Magalhaes : Inovador , poderia me responder se já existe em alguma empresa aqui no Brasil?
iris zhang : Amazing!!!!!
Jim Keller : Available Stateside now?
Fahad Kamboh : Amazing
Vu Khanh Nguyen Phan : great!!!
James Doyle : Wow technology

AGV system CEIT

AGV system with new 3. generations of AGV trucks, which can achieve speed up to 2 m/s and can transport the cargo of weight up to 3 000 kg
Marcio Hogenelst : this car use battery ? is it works how long time?
Francesco Pini : I found an interesting ROI comparison between Forklift and AGV trolley! Have a look at this report:
polo : Programmer tag? Correct it to Tag programmer. ;-)
Компания инноваций и технологий : Здорово!
Ton Pirataria : Nossa adorei o sistema,  sou técnico de manutenção gostaria de aprender a trabalhar nesses equipamentos tb.

WORTH THE MONEY? Shoei X-14 vs AGV Pista GP RR

These are two top of the line helmets that focus on performance and style. How do these helmets compare?

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ItsMeEricB : Two amazing helmets! Do you have either of these? What are your thoughts?
stormrider777 : As far as shape. I like the shoei.
arros666 : Trying on the helmets made me subscribe
Unsubscribed : I got the Corsa R, gloss black with silver iridium visor, slight more expensive than the Shoei but way cheaper then the Pista, less wind noise I think so best of both. Get a Corsa R.
Abhiram TK : Hey I usually use size M and Size MS (57) on HJC and Agv helmets respectively. In this case would size M be the right fit for shoei x14?
ericleeSupSayK : For someone with a big head and rides with glasses, I can’t stand long days with the x-14. I’m a large in rf1200 and have to upsize to xl for x14 because it’s too race oriented and snugged. Unless you’re track focused, it’s overkill in my opinion.
Kieren Moore : Just got a Pista R. Have been wearing an X-14 recently. Agree with most of what you said ... Pista for weight, aerodynamics & field of vision. Shoei for airflow (and, therefore, also non-fogging, at least without a pinlock ... tho’ either should be fine with a pinlock installed), snug/reassuring fit, and better graphics/designs imo. The Pista visors have 3 positions tho’, not 2 ... ... I prefer the biplano/R rear spoiler, and don’t see any point in paying more for the RR (just seems like an AGV money-grab to me ‍♂️). Need to wear the Pista more, but I probably prefer the X-14 so far, since snug/safe/reassuring/confidence-inspiring and ventilation are top priorities for me. Prefer the range of designs, too. I’m a bit surprised, since I thought the Pistas were meant to have the best airflow of any helmet ... ?! By the same token tho’, the Pista wasn’t as noisy as I expected. As a muso, I wear earplugs anyway, so - once again - ventilation is equal most important (and it’s corollary, noise, doesn’t really concern me).
daniel gallegos : Where’d you get the red spoiler? Looks really clean rather than the clear.
Matt Vandermolen : I mean a lot of this is going to depend on your head shape and how it fits. I've owned both AGV and Shoei and for me personally, even though I like the look of the AGV better, I find the Shoei performs better for me and fits a lot better.
ducrider749s : Quick question, how was the sizing difference? If I remember correctly I tried on an agv at secs years ago and had to go a size up on the agv, probably gonna go with the x14 cause I’m not racing and now have a Ducati monster 1200 but man that agv looks amazing




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